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What am I supposed to do in the HQ app?

Create Bundles, share them anywhere, and earn money when people click on your Bundles.

When can I start sharing?

As soon as you login to the app.

Where can I share?

Anywhere you can share a link. Instagram, Text, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, Email, Airdrop, and more.

Can customers access my bundles from a computer?

Yes! Whenever you share a Bundle from the app customers can access that link on any device (mobile, desktop, iPad, etc.)

How do share a Bundle to Instagram?

You can click on any bundle in your Share Tab and then click the “Share” Button. From there you will click “Share to Instagram Story”, and choose your base image. Before posting, switch back to the HQ app where there will be instruction to “Copy Link”. Go back to the instagram app, and click the Sticker option. Next choose “Link” and past your copied link. Then post your story.

When/How will I paid out for my shares?

For every unique click, you’ll earn $2 in store credit. For each order that is placed from one of your links, you’ll earn 5% of the order total in store credit. Earnings will be paid on the last day of the month.

What is a unique click?

When a new person clicks your Bundle link. You will only be credited for the first time an individual follows the link.

Do I still get paid out if a customer closes my Bundle and purchases from the website?

Yes, you will receive $2 in store credit for the click and 5% of the order total in store credit for the purchase if the customer purchases anything from the website within 7 days of clicking your Bundle link.

Why was my Brand HQ account flagged?

Plain and simple, we are all about rewarding authentic sharing of Born Primitive products. We reserve the right to flag and freeze Brand HQ accounts that engage in suspicious activity, which includes but is not limited to: excessive clicks from a single IP address, clicks that exhibit bot-like behavior, and/or excessive clicks that do not lead to shopping activity. If you believe your account was flagged in error, please contact support@storr.io with “Flagged Account” in the subject line.